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Should My Child Support Be Modified?

Often, people believe they should be paying less - or receiving more - child support. How can you tell if you are you entitled to an adjustment? 

The State of Tennessee has provided Child Support Guidelines for the purpose of initially calculating and modifying child support. To determine the amount of support to be paid, factors including income of both parents, number of days of parenting time for both parents, any child care and health care costs paid by the parents, and any other children the parties are providing for, are “plugged in” to the calculator which then gives the amount of child support to be paid.

To be eligible for a modification of child support, there must be a 15% variancebetween the current support ordered and the recalculated amount. If any of the factors listed above substantially change, then you may be eligible for a child support modification.

Just remember that you need a new child support order from the court before you change your payments!    


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