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Should I have a written contract?

Not all contracts have to be in writing to be valid and enforceable, but most (if not all) contracts should be in writing. 

Certain contracts must be in writing in Tennessee for a court to enforce them: land sale contracts, work that cannot be completed within one (1) year, and a promise to secure debt for another person are a few examples. But regardless of whether the law requires a contract, it can certainly help ward off any legal problems in the future by having clearly specified terms and details that can offer protection. And if legal action does arise, the judge will be bound by the “four corners of the contract.” Having an attorney draft the contract in the beginning can afford extra protection, but even handwritten and verbal contracts can be enforceable in court. If you feel that you have a breach of action contract, you should contact an attorney. Often, there are other routes to pursue, such as misrepresentation, when a contract may not be enforceable.


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