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Is a Business Liable for my Slip and Fall?

Attorneys get a lot of questions about when a business is liable for someone's injury that occurred on business property. 

The simple answer is "maybe."

A common misconception is that if a person is injured on business property that the business is automatically liable. However, the injured person must prove that the injury was a result of a condition that existed at the business, and that the business owner or employees knew of the condition and failed to repair the problem. Of course, accidents can often occur because of carelessness on the part of the injured party, so that can be a factor as well.

It’s important to always document and report any injury, even if it seems small at the time. Try to talk to any witnesses and get their contact information in case you need them in the future. And if you get injured on someone else’s property, be sure to contact an attorney who can evaluate your case.


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