Lesley Floyd

Focuses In:

Estate Planning and Wills


Business Formation

Contract Review and Execution


Lesley knew from a young age she wanted to practice law, and began that journey early in her life. From representing Big B. Wolf in a claim from the three little pigs to her high school mock trial days, Lesley never lost sight of her goals. She worked as a paralegal for many years through high school and college before attending The University of Mississippi School of Law, where she graduated in December 2012.

After graduation, Lesley moved to Middle Tennessee to build her practice, focusing on estate planning and probate, business formation and contracts, and general litigation. She also spent time working for the State of Tennessee and gaining knowledge in Medicaid eligibility, especially for long term care.

Lesley now lives in Robertson County with her husband, Anthony, and their daughter, Evelyn. When not practicing, Lesley enjoys painting and drawing and has had the opportunity to share her work at several local galleries and events.