Child Custody & Support:

In Tennessee, child custody laws are designed to maximize both parents’ time with their child to ensure that the child continues to feel loved by both parents throughout his or her life.


When parents are unmarried, Tennessee law requires the father to legally establish his paternity through the Court—even if he is listed on the birth certificate. This is critical to ensure that the father has parental rights.


To make custody determinations, the judge must balance the best interests of the child pursuant to our Tennessee statutes. This can often be a delicate determination that requires experienced attorneys to handle.


Child support goes hand-in-hand with child custody and is set not only in divorce cases but also in cases where the two parents have never been married. You should reassess your child support obligation every 3 to 5 years to ensure that the obligation is still accurate based on the respective parents’ incomes and recurring costs. You may also be entitled to a modification based on significant changes in income or recurring costs.


Let us help you address your child custody and child support concerns. Whether you are dealing with the initial custody determination or whether you are seeking a modification of an existing child custody order, we can help guide you through the nuances with compassionate, zealous representation.


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