Business Formation:

Owning and operating a small business can be an exciting, challenging experience. Whether you are looking start a new business, formalize an existing agreement, or enhance your liability protection, call us first to discuss your business formation and litigation needs.


One of the most popular and versatile business structures available is the Limited Liability Company. This structure provides a liability shield to protect your personal assets while doing away with some of the more complicated and costly downsides to the more traditional Corporation structure. But filing your LLC paperwork with the State of Tennessee is only the first step to ensuring you have maximum liability protection.


You may also be considering a Partnership structure. While this can be a good solution for some people, it presents a unique set of problems that many people do not realize. For example: in a general partnership, every partner is fully liable for the actions of the other partner.


Whether you know what you need or are exploring your options, call us first to talk with our business attorney about your situation. We handle the following areas:

•       Business Formation

•       Limited Liability Companies

•       Corporations

•       Partnerships

•       Non-Profit Formation

•       Contract Issues

•       Business Dissolution

•       Business Litigation


Is an LLC the right choice for your business?

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