The process of adoption is emotional and complex. Whether you are welcoming a new child into your family or fighting against the termination of your parental rights, you need experienced, compassionate representation to guide you and advocate for you.


For an adoption to occur, the parental rights of the biological parents must be terminated. This can be done voluntarily if the parent wishes to surrender his or her parental rights. This can also be done by Court Order when certain statutory requirements are met and the Judge orders a parents’ rights terminated.


Once the biological parent’s rights are terminated, the adopting parents must undergo a home study. There are some exceptions. For instance, when a family member is adopting.


Some adoptions are considered “private” adoptions, in which an adoption agency is not involved. Other adoptions involve the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services, which has its own set of guidelines and rules that govern the adoption process.


Upon the finalization of the adoption, a legal relationship is established between the adoptive parent and child as if the child was born biologically to the adoptive parent. A new birth certificate will be issued with the adoptive parent(s) listed.


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            •           Termination of parental rights

            •           Paternity registry

            •           Open adoptions

            •           Closed adoptions

            •           Private adoptions

            •           Step-parent adoptions

            •           Adult adoptions

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