Criminal Law

Expungement 101

A criminal conviction can result in barriers to employment, housing, and educational opportunities.

Divorce Law

How to Hire a Great Divorce Lawyer

Everybody wants to hire a great divorce lawyer, but many don't know how.

Considering a Divorce or Separation?

One of the most common questions we hear is "How long will my divorce take?"

Tennessee Code Annotated 36-4-101(b) lays out a mandatory waiting period for every divorce, including uncontested, mutually agreed upon divorces.

Estate Law

Are You Prepared?

Do you have a will?  Statistics show that over half of Americans don't have one.

Child Custody Law

Grandparent rights

Often, grandparents are denied access to their grandchildren.

Child Support Modifications

Many times, people believe they should be paying less - or receiving more - child support.

Parent Re-location 101

If you are a parent of a minor child and need to move because of a new job or family obligation or some other reason, it's important that you follow the steps located in the Tennessee Parent Relocation Statute.

Contract Law

Written Contracts

Not all contracts have to be in writing to be valid and enforceable, but most (if not all) contracts should be in writing.

Property Law

Renter's Rights in Rural Counties

As a renter in a rural county such as Robertson County it is important to know your rights:

  • First, you have the right to quiet enjoyment, or to live peacefully where you rent.