Are You Prepared?

Do you have a will?  Statistics show that over half of Americans don't have one.

Many people believe they don’t need a will because they don’t have a large estate, or they trust their family to take care of their wishes, or because they think it’s too expensive to get a will. But those beliefs are myths, and there are many reasons why everyone should have a will:

  • You decide how your estate will be distributed. A will is a legally-binding document that lets you determine how you would like your estate to be handled. If you die without a will, the law takes over and there is no guarantee that your intended desires will be carried out.
  • You decide who will care for your minor children. Absent a will, the court decides who should care for minor children, but a will allows you to appoint the person you want to raise your children.
  • You decide who will wind up your affairs. An executor will make sure all of your affairs are in order and a will allows you to designate a trustworthy person to pay your final debts and see that your wishes are carried out.
  • You can avoid lengthy litigation for your family. Having a will speeds up the probate process and informs the court how you want your estate divided so there’s no unnecessary delays for your family.
  • You are not promised tomorrow. Procrastination and an unwillingness to accept death are common reasons for not having a will but death is an inevitable part of life. To avoid added stress on families during an emotional time, it’s best to be prepared.

Having a will is the best way to ensure your wishes are carried out and to ease the stress on your family. Many lawyers offer very reasonable rates for a simple will, so don’t delay in being prepared for an important part of your life!